YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer
YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer
YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer
YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer
YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer
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YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer

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  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Try for 90 Days risk free!
  • No drugs, no surgery - safe and effective
  • Improve your quality of life today!

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  I've got everything you need!  

My YoniFlex Trainer comes with everything you need to get started right away!   It comes complete with an Ada vaginal probe with indicator wand, personal lubrication, carrying pouch, and even a 9v battery. For once, batteries are included!


  Backed by science  

Clinical studies completed by hundreds of labs and health care professionals around the world have shown that E.M.S. pelvic floor therapy is an effective method to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and treat pelvic floor issues like incontinence, prolapse, helping new mother’s recovery after childbirth, improve sensual sensations, and more. 


  No Risk!  

In the event the YoniFlex does not work for you, just contact me and you may return it within 90 days of purchase.  


  Over 1000 Yoni's Flexed  

This is something I could not even IMAGINE when I started YoniFlex in the summer of 2020.  I’m pleased report after over 1,000 YoniFlex Trainers sold over 99% of clients have kept their YoniFlex Trainers past the 90 day guarantee. This is a testament to their success using the YoniFlex Trainer!


  Used by physiotherapists  

Just try to find a pelvic floor therapist that does not offer E.M.S. therapy in their office.  The problem is it costs $100+ per visit.   Now you can take advantage of this amazing technology at a fraction of the price from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


  Loads of Happy clients!  

Did you check the reviews tab?  Overall the feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.


  I’m here to support you!  

Perhaps most importantly, I’m here to support you AFTER you order the YoniFlex Trainer.  If you have any how-do-I questions anytime, shoot me an email at Tricia@YoniFlex.com and I’ll respond faster than a speedy trip to the bathroom. 


The Tesla of pelvic floor trainers.  Put your pelvic floor on autopilot.


How will the YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer Help?

Weak pelvic floor muscles cause a number of known health issues, including bladder and bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, decreased sexual sensations, and weakened and loose vaginal muscles. 


What do the YoniFlex programs target?

  • Stress Incontinence |  Stop Leaking during stressful activities
  • Overflow Incontinence | Stop Leaking without your knowledge or control
  • Sudden Urges | Reduce Sudden urine urges & sleep through the night
  • Prolapse | Prevent organs moving into vaginal canal
  • Increased Vaginal Strength | Tighten loose or weak vaginal muscles
  • Menopause Support | Reduce weakness caused by menopause
  • Post childbirth Support | Regain muscle strength after childbirth
  • Hemorrhoid Reduction | Reduce or eliminate hemorrhoids and pain


What comes with the YoniFlex Kit?

  • YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer
  • Ada Vaginal Probe with indicator wand
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick start guide 
  • Two connecting wires for probe
  • 10ml Bottle of personal lubricant
  • 9v Battery
  • Cloth Carrying case

Review the Program Options of the YoniFlex Here.


All Prices in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and ship from Canada.

Privacy:  The YoniFlex Trainer will be sent to you discreetly using plain packaging with no logos or branding. 

Pelvic Floor Trainer certifications


    The YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer Features & Technical information:

    • Designed in Canada - Free Shipping Canada wide!
    • Non surgical and non pharmaceutical treatment for urinary incontinence, weak bladder issues, sensual sensation improvements, pelvic organ prolapse, pain relief, and postpartum recovery.
    • Use from the comfort of your own home - No need to visit physiotherapists or doctors office.
    • Results in as little as 2 weeks of use.
    • Full program recommended 12 weeks for full benefits
    • Programs just 20 minutes per day
    • Specific programs to target:  Stress Incontinence, Urge incontinence, Menopause, pelvic prolapse, etc.
    • Easy to operate
    • FDA Approved
    • CE 1097 EU Medical accredited



    YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer Specifications:

    • Dimensions:  5.25 (L) 2.75 (W) 1.1 (D) inches | 133 (L) 70 (w) 28 (D) CM
    • Weight:  0.4lbs | 0.18KG with battery installed
    • Certifications:  CE.ISO13485; Biological compatibility test
    • Dual channel ; 2 waveforms
    • LCD display
    • 11 Preset programs & 3 customizable programs
    • Low battery indicator
    • Treatments from 1 minute to 90 minutes
    • 99 strength setting options (1-99)
    • 14 total program choices (11 pre-programmed and 3 customizable)
    • Open electrode detect safety feature



    Ada Probe Specifications:

    • Length:  10cm | 3.93 inch  (full probe with handle) | 7.2cm | 2.83 inch (inserted portion of probe)
    • Width: 0.9cm (at neck) to 3.5cm (at maximum width)
    • Manufacturing Material: ABS plastic & high quality stainless steel
    • Single mold manufacturing process to eliminate seams
    • Nickel free passed at  <0.1 (μg/cm2/week) (see test results)



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