Tricia's Story



    I hope you are well ;)


    My name is Tricia, and in 2019 I had an idea to create a business surrounding the support of women's pelvic floors.  From my fantastic & life-changing personal experience with a similar product to the YoniFlex,  This is how YoniFlex was born.

    I am a mother of two wonderful girls both on the cusp of entering young adulthood.  Having two traditional births, along with the natural aging processes, I noticed as I slid into my 40's that things started to just 'not feel right' in my pelvic area.  I found my internal organs beginning to shift around inside of my body, sometimes experiencing my cervix being lower then it should be, and often times feeling internal pressure.

    I also started experiencing occasional accidents when doing physically strenuous activities. From jumping on the trampoline with my kids, playing a sport that involved running, (my partner and I recently got into Pickleball) or even the occasional surprise sneeze or cough,  I find myself dribbling just a little from time to time.  In my research I found this to be technically called stress incontinence.  

    Check out this article for more information:    Understanding urinary incontinence and stress incontinence 

    I have always been fairly active, and practiced yoga for over 20 years, but for the past several years changes in my life situation has greatly reduced my activity levels.  

    After going through many hours of research and taking a deep dive on the internet, I was surprised to see so many different opinions available for pelvic floor health.  There seemed to be many gimmicky products and services, but none worked for me.  I tried manual kegel exercises, various manual exercise machines (some of them quite expensive), and even a few balls and tubes, cones and gizmos supposedly designed to strengthen the pelvic floor.

    After running the gamut of pelvic floor exercise options, I stumbled upon a scientifically proven EMS pelvic floor stimulation device.  I was curious, and the price was high, but I thought - this is an investment for the next 40+ years of my life, so I took the plunge.

    The results were astounding - after about 4 weeks of regular use, I was able to do the physical activities I wanted with no fear of leakage!  I took my kids on hikes, bicycle rides, and even participated in horse back riding with my eldest daughter.  

    Internally, I found that things just 'felt better' (sorry for lack of a better term) - and felt an overall level of control that I haven't felt in many years.  Add to that my partner noticed the firmness and control.  My sex life has improved, and I feel a level of confidence I had not felt in so long.

    While the generic pelvic floor machine worked, there were a number of issues I experienced while using the device.  The instructions were very poor, the program options were limited and confusing, the look and feel of the device was too clinical, it lacked functions and options that would have been useful to me, the probe was uncomfortable at times,  and the company that sold it offered very limited (and very poor) support for their product.  I won't throw anyone under the bus, but let's just say that I KNEW that I could do so much better. 

    I knew I could make a better product, with far superior customer support, and sell it at a cost lower than what was currently on the market.  

    After weeks of discussion with my partner (who just so happens to be a life-long online business developer guru) we decided that from my personal experience, my artistic abilities, and his technical savvy, we could really make a run at creating a supportive website with supportive pelvic floor products that could really make a difference in women's lives.  Not just b.s. scam programs, but authentically real change.  

    From that point in mid 2019 until now the work has been unending.  There is so much we have accomplished, from product testing and re-testing, product design, competition comparison work, website, logo, and business design, and so much more.  We went through over a dozen samples of devices, probes, and kits to find the manufacture we really connected with. I connected with a dozen friends who have experienced various levels of pelvic floor issues, and invited them to test our the newly deigned product.  After feedback, discussion, and sweat and tears (thankfully no blood) the final YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer was born.

    For me, this is just the beginning of this journey.  There is still so much to be done!  I want to grow our social media outreach, offering real, quality advice and support to those in need.  I want to expand the lineup of products and services to include more devices, probes, and options for women of all ages and challenges.  I want to add to the lineup support for men with pelvic floor issues.  I want to create YouTube videos, continue writing articles and blogs to further help people struggling with pelvic floor issues all around the world.  The path is in front of me and my partner and I are walking it step by step.  I hope you will join us!


    Stay awesome,