Hi There, I'm Tricia!

Welcome to YoniFlex Canada! I am a passionate Canadian woman with two incredible kiddos, and a super supportive and fantastic partner. 

Shortly after my second baby, I started feeling a shift in my pelvic area. A visit with my gynecologist reveled stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.  I was experiencing internal pressure. I noticed that during some activities, such as tennis, running, or playing with my kids, I would leak just a little.

Fast forward to a few years ago, and the problem had gotten much worse. Fear of leaking meant that I was unable to do many activities I loved to do, and worried about unavoidable life events like sneezing, laughing, and running up the stairs. 


I was uncomfortable, frustrated, and ashamed, and my sex life was nearly non-existent. I started researching pelvic floor strengthening programs on the internet, and found all sorts of interesting alternatives. I tried manual kegel exercises, kegel balls, tubes, and cones. I researched surgery options, drug options, and even meditation techniques to no avail.  

I finally discovered something called a Pelvic floor trainer. With the use of a probe, it directly stimulates your pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax. It's kind of like an automatic kegel machine. Since I had tried so nearly everything else and wasn't about to give up, I figured "Why the heck not!?
Two weeks into the training, I started to notice a reduction in my bladder leaks and prolapse. Things just started to feel better in my pelvic area. I was able to sleep through the night! After completing the 12 week program, the difference was incredible and reminiscent of my pre-baby self! No more accidents, no more prolapse, and my internal landscape just felt more normal. This meant a return to activities that I had been missing, and spending time with those I love in the ways we had always enjoyed. My self confidence returned, and I felt sexy again for the first time in years!

Connecting with my entrepreneurial spirit, I decided to start YoniFlex to change the world, one pelvic floor at a time. 

I launched YoniFlex in the summer of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. We're stuck at home more anyway, why not use this time to strengthen our pelvic floors? 

 I am committed to offering the best support to my customers! I am committed to supporting each woman experiencing pelvic floor issues and want to do my part to improve your quality of life! 

Its time to Stop suffering in silence.

If you ever have questions, reach me anytime at

How YoniFlex will help you (click to expand):

What is YoniFlex?

YoniFlex is an Automatic "Kegel" Pelvic Floor Trainer.

YoniFlex stimulates your pelvic floor muscles automatically, making them contract and then relax, julst like a kegel exercise. This action strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. You don't have to do any work, or even think about it. YoniFlex does perfect kegel exercises for you automatically without effort.  

Unlike many pelvic floor products, there is no stress, strain, squeeze, or struggle required on your part. Even if your pelvic floor muscles are so weak you cannot manually squeeze them, YoniFlex will. Just sit back, read a book, listen to music, or watch Netflix as YoniFlex does all the work

If you really want to understand the science behind YoniFlex (nerd alert) - check out this page: Understanding the Science of the YoniFlex. It provides much more detail on how YoniFlex works, as well as clinical evidence supporting its effectiveness.

You can also review the "How does YoniFlex Work?" page for even more detail on how YoniFlex operates.

Client Feedback:

Lorrie G

I've only had my YoniFlex a few weeks and already I can notice a difference. I was hesitant purchasing, thinking "will this really work?" Yes it does and I'm very happy I bought it. Comfortable and easy to use. 

Julie W.

I am 40, I have a prolapse and I started using YoniFlex 6 weeks ago. after 2 and a half week my stress incontinence stopped! I couldn't believe it first so I waited a few days before I realized it really happened! After a few weeks my prolapse is smaller than before and I left 6 more weeks the exercise so it will be much smaller in the end! This is a miracle! I highly recommend this product! Its worth every penny!

Nancy G.

I had bladder weakness and then the doctor told me I had a rectocele as well, I thought there must be some other way than the surgery route, which very often does not work.  I have been using YoniFlex for two weeks and that awful feeling like a bulge is nearly gone. I use program 3 twice a day.  I think like any exercise you have to be dedicated, but it really does work!

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"I guarantee YoniFlex will strengthen your pelvic floor or you may return it within 3 months." - Tricia

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you ready to take back control?

I support Days for Girls

I'm passionate about supporting women. When starting YoniFlex, I wanted to make sure to give back to women who could not afford the same quality of life that we have.

Days for girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the negative stigma surrounding menstruation.

For each Trainer purchased, YoniFlex will donate towards a DfG kit to a young woman who does not have access to tools to support menstruation. Click Here for more information on our partnership with Days for girls.

To date, we have supported 1125 women!

Days for Girls Canada

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Still have questions?

I would love to hear from you! I have a full page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions about YoniFlex here. Please reach out and contact me directly with your questions! I'll answer you faster then a sudden urge to urinate! 

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