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Welcome to YoniFlex!

I’m so happy you have found me!

For the past 3 years, I have had the JOY of supporting over 3,000 women as they moved through their pelvic floor journey.

I’ve heard hundreds of personal stories from women, who are searching for something to help repair and recover their pelvic floor strength. From prolapse to bladder leaks, women want to regain control of their bodies, and restore their confidence and self esteem.

I want you to know that you are not alone! Over half of all women will experience incontinence in their lifetime, and 1 in 3 will experience prolapse. These are very common issues, but sadly many women won't talk openly about it or seek help, stating shame and embarrassment as their reason.

Pelvic floor issues are NOT a life sentence!
Bladder leaks are NOT a normal part of aging!
You CAN HEAL without drugs or surgery!

Just a little about me :)

My name is Tricia.  I have two beautiful children, and a wonderful and supportive partner.

After the birth of my second baby, I noticed a shift in my pelvic floor; a weakness and sometimes a bulging feeling that wasn't there before. I started having bladder leaks during common activities such as running up the stairs, laughing, and sneezing. I visited a pelvic floor therapist, upon examination, it was suggested that I had stress incontinence and early stages of prolapse.

I was frustrated, ashamed, and embarrassed. I was not about to consider surgery, and I’m not a ‘sit around’ type of gal, so I started my own journey to find a solution.

I tried a number of different strategies, including manual kegel exercises, manual kegel training devices with play along games, kegel balls and cones, and even diet adjustments and meditation. Nothing seemed to improve things for me.

Finally, after months of searching, I found something that really worked! An EMS Pelvic Floor trainer. Within 6 weeks of starting treatment I began to feel improvements. Within 3 months, I was back to my pre-baby self! No more prolapse, no more leaking when I ran ,or laughed, or sneezed. I felt like a new and improved version of myself, and I was able to get back to doing the things I loved, with confidence and joy, and without worry of leaking or discomfort.

Let's Start a business, I said!
After my personal success, and as a life-long entrepreneur, I started YoniFlex to support other women like me. In 2020, working closely with a pelvic floor therapist and created the YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer. To coin a cliché, the rest --- is history!

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Before going any further, I'd like to give a super quick biology lesson, so please bear with me!

What is the pelvic floor?
The pelvic floor is a series of internal muscles that sit like a sling inside of our bodies. This group of muscles run between our tailbone and pubic bone, and connect to our hips. You can think of the pelvic floor muscles like a hammock

Why is a strong pelvic floor important?
Our pelvic floor is arguably the most important muscle groups in our bodies. Many of our internal organs are supported by our pelvic floor, including our bladder, bowels, and uterus. It helps our 'sphincteric' muscles (the muscles we squeeze to hold everything in) including our urethra, vagina, and anus muscles. It is involved in our sexuality, relaxing for penetration and contracting during orgasm, it acts as a pump for our circulatory system, moving lymphatic fluid from our legs to our heart. It even helps with our stability and balance.

What are the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor?

Below are the most common issues that we deal with when our pelvic floor muscles become weak:

Stress incontinence– leaking when you do stressful activities – running up the stairs, playing sports, laughing or sneezing. Using the YoniFlex daily will strengthen the muscles that support your bladder which will stop bladder leakage when your body is under stress.

Urge Incontinence – Sudden and unexpected urges to urinate, waking up in the night to pee multiple times. By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with the YoniFlex, you will find yourself getting up in the night much less to pee. Many of my clients have gone from going to the bathroom 3-5 times a night to sleeping through the night. You also won't have to worry about always knowing where the closest bathroom is.

Prolapse – Prolapse is a condition where our internal organs start to shift out of thier normal position. Prolapse is almost always caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, as these muscles literally hold our organs in place. Prolapse can also be remedied by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, so they can do what they are meant to do. Whether its cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, uterine, or vaginal vault prolapse, strengthening your pelvic floor will reduce your prolapse symptoms, and in many cases will resolve your prolapse completely.

A loose vaginal sensation - When our pelvic floor muscles weaken, it gives us less control over the 'squeezability' of our vagina. By building up and strengthening these muscles, not only will you 'feel tighter', you will actually be tighter. As the muscles strengthen then get larger, which can reduce the size of your vaginal canal. You will also gain more control over your ability to squeeze your vaginal muscles. A pleasant side effective of using the YoniFlex is stronger and more intense orgasm, and overall better sex.

OK Tricia - I get it!  Get to the point and tell me about YoniFlex!

Still awake after science class? Awesome!

The YoniFlex sends pulses to your pelvic floor that cause your muscles to rhythmically contract and relax. This is identical to 'doing a kegel' except you are not controlling the muscles yourself. Over a 30 minute treatment your body will experience 200-300 kegel exercises. Try doing that on your own!

What is so awesome about this is that the YoniFlex does the hard work for you. I mean sure, everyone 'tells you' that you need to do kegel exercises, but they are freaking hard to do! The YoniFlex does these exercises for you without you needing to think, concentrate, and stress out about doing them the right way.

During your treatment, you can just lay back, watch a show, or read a book and wait for the YoniFlex to do its job.

Want to know even more?

Click Here to view an even more detailed breakdown of the YoniFlex, including how each treatment works, all of the available programs, warranty, 120 day guarantee, and more frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Client Feedback:

Lorrie G

I've only had my YoniFlex a few weeks and already I can notice a difference. I was hesitant purchasing, thinking "will this really work?" Yes it does and I'm very happy I bought it. Comfortable and easy to use. 

Julie W.

I am 40, I have a prolapse and I started using YoniFlex 6 weeks ago. after 2 and a half week my stress incontinence stopped! I couldn't believe it first so I waited a few days before I realized it really happened! After a few weeks my prolapse is smaller than before and I left 6 more weeks the exercise so it will be much smaller in the end! This is a miracle! I highly recommend this product! Its worth every penny!

Nancy G.

I had bladder weakness and then the doctor told me I had a rectocele as well, I thought there must be some other way than the surgery route, which very often does not work.  I have been using YoniFlex for two weeks and that awful feeling like a bulge is nearly gone. I use program 3 twice a day.  I think like any exercise you have to be dedicated, but it really does work!

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"I guarantee YoniFlex will strengthen your pelvic floor or you may return it within 4 months." - Tricia

If you ever have questions, reach me anytime at

Are you ready to take back control?

I support Days for Girls

I'm passionate about supporting women. When starting YoniFlex, I wanted to make sure to give back to women who could not afford the same quality of life that we have.

Days for girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the negative stigma surrounding menstruation.

For each Trainer purchased, YoniFlex will donate towards a DfG kit to a young woman who does not have access to tools to support menstruation. Click Here for more information on our partnership with Days for girls.

To date, we have supported 1125 women!

Days for Girls Canada

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Still have questions?

I would love to hear from you! I have a full page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions about YoniFlex here. Please reach out and contact me directly with your questions! I'll answer you faster then a sudden urge to urinate! 

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