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Welcome to YoniFlex!

My name is Tricia, and I founded YoniFlex in the summer of 2020. 

Since you have come across my website, I can say with some confidence that you are likely suffering with incontinence or prolapse issues.

Have you been avoiding physical activities, like running or playing sports for fear of bladder accidents? Perhaps you are sick and tired of getting up in the middle of the night to pee! 

It may be that you are having prolapse issues, feeling a bulge and/or discomfort that just doesn’t feel right, or worse, sensing your organs moving where they should not be.  


Over half of women will experience incontinence in their lives, and just as many will experience pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, out of embarrassment and shame, very few women discuss their pelvic floor issues with anyone.  

I was in your situation just a few years ago. After two babies (vaginal births for both) and with the onset of perimenopause, I started having pelvic floor issues. I started noticing leaking when jogging, or just running up the stairs. I also noticed a bulge that I was sure wasn't suppose to be there.

After many month's of searching, I found a product called a pelvic floor trainer that actually reversed my prolapse, and stopped my incontinence.  I decided I just had to start this business to support women, and YoniFlex was born!

10 Ways the YoniFlex can help:

What the Heck is The YoniFlex?

The YoniFlex is an E.M.S. Automatic Pelvic Floor Exercise Device.

The YoniFlex strengthens your pelvic floor muscles automatically.  You don't have to do any work, or even think about it. The YoniFlex does perfect kegel exercises for you automatically and without effort.  

Unlike many pelvic floor products, there is no stress, strain, squeeze, or struggle required on your part. You just sit back, read a book, listen to music, or watch T.V. as the YoniFlex does all the work

If you really want to understand the science behind the YoniFlex (nerd alert) - check out this page: Understanding the Science of the YoniFlex. It provides much more detail on how the YoniFlex works, as well as clinical evidence supporting its effectiveness.

Client Feedback:


If you are patient, this will help your prolapse. I was looking at definite surgery until I found Yoniflex. It took a few months of using it every day, but now my prolapse is way smaller then it was, and I'm not stopping now!


This device has several programs and intensity levels in accordance to your own personal comfort levels. I feel, after 3 days , I can feel a difference already. My body is responding very well, and I feel relieved. I do my session before I go to sleep. Kick back and watch a show, read or such. You will find every aspect of your experience exemplary with Yoniflex.


I started using my Yoniflex about 6 weeks ago, and within 2 weeks noticed significant improvement in my bladder control. It seemed I had a much better sense of my bladder, and panicked urges to urinate became rare. I have found the probe really easy and comfortable, and 20 minutes goes by so quickly. I actually look forward to what I've started calling my "yoni time' each day.  

Ready to see the YoniFlex?

YoniFlex Kegel automatic exercise trainer | Strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles
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"I guarantee the YoniFlex will strengthen your pelvic floor or you may return it within 3 months." - Tricia

If you have questions, reach me anytime at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you ready to take back control of your pelvic floor?

I support Days for Girls

I'm passionate about supporting women. When starting YoniFlex, I wanted to make sure to give back to women who could not afford the same quality of life that we have.

Days for girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the negative stigma surrounding menstruation.

For each Trainer purchased, YoniFlex will donate towards a DfG kit to a young woman who does not have access to tools to support menstruation. Click Here for more information on our partnership with Days for girls.

To date, we have supported 256 women!

Days for Girls Canada

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Still have questions?

I would love to hear from you! I have a full page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions about the YoniFlex here. Please reach out and contact me directly with your questions! I'll answer you faster then a sudden urge to urinate! 

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