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    I received a recent shipment of YoniFlex kits that unfortunately had their outside boxes a bit dinged up.  These YoniFlex kit is 100% brand new, but I cannot sell the products brand new with these dings and scratches.

    As a result, I have approximately a half dozen kits that I will be selling at $20 off each kit.  If you are interested in saving a few dollars, and are OK with a box that has a ding or scratch, just use the coupon code:


    When you checkout for $20 off.  This discount will only work as long as blemished products are available.  

    All blemished kits will provide the same 90 day return guarantee and 1 year warranty on the YoniFlex kit.



    While over 99% of YoniFlex kits are happily used by my clients, once in a while an order comes back to me.  As a result, after about a year I have about 8-10 refurbished kits that are available for sale at $50 off the retail price.

    Refurbished kits will always come with brand new probes, lubrication, and have been tested and working.  Refurbished kits will maintain the same 90 day trial period, and one year warranty.

    If you are interested in ordering a refurbished kit, use the coupon code:


    When you place your order.   There are a limited number of refurbished kits available, and once 




    Questions?  Email me at Tricia@YoniFlex.com anytime!



     Stay awesome,