How does the YoniFlex work?

    How does the YoniFlex work?


    I get this question a lot.  Exactly how does the YoniFlex work to strengthen your pelvic floor?

    Let’s get right to it.

    The YoniFlex works using a technology called E.M.S.  This stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation.  It is also called N.M.E.S, or Nero Muscular Electrical Stimulation.  E.M.S.  and N.M.E.S. are synonyms (they mean the same thing).

    To understand E.M.S. therapy, we need a brief biology lesson. 

    Your body functions through the connection between your brain and your central nervous system. 

    Let’s say you want to move your arm above your head.  You think “I want to move my arm above my head”, and your brain sends electrical currents through your central nervous system to the muscles needed to move your arm above your head.  These signals travel between 156-270 miles per hour! After receiving the signal, your muscles will flex and relax as necessary to make your arm move above your head. Pretty cool eh?

    When you use the YoniFlex, it becomes your brain.  Instead of you thinking, “I need to squeeze my pelvic floor muscles”, the YoniFlex sends an electrical signal directly to these muscles, and they respond by contracting, replacing your brain in the process.

    Why is this awesome?  It’s awesome because you don’t have to do any thinking. Doing manual kegel exercise can be difficult and stressful. For some people with weak pelvic floors, their muscles are not even strong enough to manually contract.

    Central Nervous System


    Now that we have the technical side of the YoniFlex, let’s dive into the device itself.

    The YoniFlex is used with a vaginal or rectal probe.  Using an internal probe will provide the closest contact with your pelvic floor muscles and give you the best results. The probes are made of high quality ABS plastic and stainless steel electrodes. These electrodes send the signal from the YoniFlex Trainer to your pelvic floor muscles to contract (tighten).

     After the probe is inserted, turn on your YoniFlex, choose your program, and then set the pulse strength. 

    The YoniFlex will start to work, sending electrical signals through the probe to your pelvic floor muscles, causing them to contract (tighten) and relax.  This process will happen again and again automatically for the duration of the training. 

    Most of the programs on the YoniFlex work on a work/rest setting. This means they will go on and off and on and off every few seconds, just like if you were to be doing it yourself.  Tightening your muscles, then relaxing your muscles.

    Once the program has completed, the YoniFlex will stop, and your training will be over.  It really is that simple.  Because the process is automatic, you don’t have to ‘use your brain’ at all.  You can just sit/lay back and relax, and the YoniFlex does the work for you.

    Over time, your muscles will strengthen.   Stronger pelvic floor muscles can resolve a host of pelvic floor issues including incontinence, prolapse, improve bowel and bladder control, improve recovery from childbirth, improve recover from surgery, as well as improve sensual sensations, improve orgasms, and increase your social confidence and greatly improve the quality of your life.

    I hope I’ve done a good job explain how the YoniFlex works to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!

    If you are looking for even more information, you can check out my understanding the science page, where I provide scientific evidence and studies supporting the use of EMS therapy to strengthen muscles.  You can also look at the FAQ page where a number of additional questions are answered. 

    As always, reach out anytime at with any unanswered questions.