YoniFlex Testers WANTED

    CURRENTLY 2 of 10 test spots available.

    Good Day!

    Tricia here, founder of YoniFlex. 

    I am looking for 10 product testers who are interested in receiving a YoniFlex Pelvic floor trainer at our cost price in exchange for the following:




    Applicants must be experiencing one of the following pelvic floor symptoms:

    • Stress Incontinence - Bladder leakage during strenuous activities
    • Urinary Incontinence - Sudden urgent need to urinate and/or getting up multiple times to urinate 
    • Partial prolapse - Internal organs protruding or bulging into vaginal canal

    What I need you to do for me:

    • Provide unbiased feedback on the product design, ease of use, quality, and success or challenges using the product
    • Suggestions for improvement of the product's instruction booklet, packaging, etc.
    • Suggestions for improvement of the website design, colors, ease of use, etc.
    • After 30 days of use, providing feedback on your success and any lifestyle improvements you have received as a result of using YoniFlex.
    • Provide a testimonial that we can use on our website and social media promotions (your last name will not be used) about your experience with YoniFlex.


    If you are interested in receiving a YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer at cost, and you meet and agree to the above requirements, please email me at:

    YoniFlexTest@Gmail.com with the following information:


    1. Your Name
    2. Your Age
    3. Your City and Country
    4. Detailed description of your pelvic floor challenges - What issues are you experiencing?
    5. Your pelvic floor history - When did your issues start?  


    If you are chosen to participate in our testing process, you will be contacted with more information on the process, as well as a coupon code for purchasing the YoniFlex at our cost price.

    Thank you to all who participate in our testing process. I look forward to hearing from you,


    Stay awesome,




    NOTE - This promotion is available in Canada and the United States Only.