Reduce Bladder Leaks (stress incontinence)


    Using YoniFlex regularly will reduce bladder leaks.  How is this possible?


    Before we dive into the 'how' - let's first discover what causes bladder leaks in the first place. 

    For most women, bladder leaks are the result of a sudden pressure being applied to the bladder causing small leaks.  This type of urinary incontinence is called stress incontinence.    If you have ever said to someone "Stop making me laugh or I'm going to pee my pants" -  or have crossed your legs in anticipation of a sneeze, you are experiencing stress incontinence.    

     For even more information on urinary incontinence, check out this article titled Understanding Urinary Incontinence in Women.

     Why do so many women experience bladder leaks?

    There are a host of reasons behind why women develop stress incontinence, but the majority of them surround reduced strength of your pelvic floor muscles.  The pelvic floor muscles support many of our internal organs including our bladder, and thus our bladder control.  Our pelvic floors weaken as we age, from menopause, childbirth, and from weight gain and different dietary and lifestyle choices. 


    Bladder leaks are usually the result of weak pelvic floor muscles.  How does YoniFlex work to improve pelvic floor muscle strength?

    By training your pelvic floor muscles using the YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer, your pelvic floor muscles will start to strengthen and better support your bladder.  Studies have shown this will reduce, and even eliminate stress related bladder accidents.  Just twenty minutes a day for two weeks and you will start to see improvements in your pelvic floor strength, and a reduction in bladder leaks.

    At YoniFlex, we have developed two custom programs targeting stress incontinence - AKA bladder leakage.  The programs are Program 03, and Program 04, both are 20 minutes in length. Program 03 is designed for beginners to be used for the first 4 weeks of muscle training, and program 04 is an advanced muscle training program designed to be used between weeks 5-12.  A 12 week course is recommend to see the full benefits of improving your pelvic floor strength.   


    Are there additional ways to reduce bladder leaks outside of YoniFlex?

     Absolutely!  There are many ways that we recommend outside of just our YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer to improve stress incontinence.  Please read our article Four tips to reduce bladder leaks for more information.

    if you are Experiencing bladder leaks, big or small,

    Give our YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer a Try!  

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