YONIFLEX:  Now Available for MEN!

In response to the many inquiries and requests , we have created a Pelvic Floor kit designed exclusively for men.  This kit has everything a man needs to strengthen his pelvic floor, with re-aligned programs to target the most common issues experienced by men.

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can resolve a host of men's pelvic floor issues - Just look below to see how the YoniFlex Men's trainer can help you!

How the YoniFlex Men's Trainer will help you:

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We just launched the YoniFlex Men's Trainer in May of 2021, and we are looking for feedback!  The first 20 customers to order the YoniFlex men's trainer will receive $50 off their YoniFlex men's trainer.  

Keep in mind with this discount, we are requesting FEEDBACK from our first clients - please reach out once you have a few months of data from trainer use, and provide us your feedback.

To access this discount, use coupon code YONIMAN at checkout!


After 12 weeks of use, morning & evening each day, my incontinence has reduced considerably. I will keep using the YoniFlex hoping for more success.

Steven R.

I used to get up 3 times a night to pee and now, after just two weeks of use, I can sleep through then night.  I've also noticed a reduction in the frequency of needing to urinate during the day.

Tylor G.

I suffer from E.D. and enlarged prostate.  Since using the YoniFlex men's trainer, I've noticed a spectacular improvement in my E.D.  I also slept through the night for the first time in years!  

Phillip S.

How does it work?

The YoniFlex is an E.M.S.  pelvic floor trainer that automatically simulates your pelvic floor muscles.  Using either a rectal probe and/or electrode pads (both included), the YoniFlex sends signals to your pelvic floor muscles to contract (tighten) and then relax.  This YoniFlex is 100% automatic, and does not require you to think about it or do any manual work.

The YoniFlex does the perfect Kegel exercise for you, consistently, and 100% automatically.  Even if your pelvic floor muscles are too weak to tighten them yourself, the YoniFlex will do the squeezing for you.

Want more science?  CLICK HERE to view a collection of supportive scientific evidence behind why the YoniFlex Men's Trainer Works!


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We are so confident the YoniFlex men's trainer will work to improve your pelvic floor strength, we are making this guarantee: Try the YoniFlex for 90 days - if it does improve your issues and strengthen your pelvic floor, you can return it for a refund.  Please click here for details.

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