Improving Sexual function and pleasure through strong Pelvic Floor muscles

    How does YoniFlex help with sexual function?

    “I could not believe the increased level of sensitivity and pleasure after just a few weeks using the YoniFlex.  My partner commented on the difference in ‘feeling’ during sex as well!  I just want to thank you so much – The YoniFlex has made my bedroom steamy again!” – Sarah P.

    Understanding your pelvic floor and how it relates to sexual function is important.  In order to understand how YoniFlex works to improve sexual function and sensitivity, let's first discuss why a woman's sexual function can be impacted.

    improved sexual sensitivity and sensations

    Why do women lose sexual sensitivity?

    There are a number of reasons for women to have their sexual function reduce.  Here are a few:

    Childbirth – Giving birth, especially vaginal birth can stretch the muscles of your pelvic floor.  Without proper recovery exercise post-pregnancy, these muscles will remain weak.  This stretching increases the longer the pushing period of your childbirth is. Childbirth can also cause nerve damage as well as the stretching of the vagina.  

    Menopause – Menopause causes many changes to our bodies, including reducing our of estrogen and progesterone hormone levels.    Menopause can cause a drop of blood supply to the vagina and surrounding sensitive areas.   Menopause can also reduce the lubrication of your vagina, which can be linked to decreased sensitivities.

    Aging:  As we age, our nervous system and nerve cells go through natural changes.  These changes reduce our sensations within our body.  Further, atrophy takes place with our cells shrinking across all cells in our body.   This results in a decrease in sensations on all of our nerve cells in our body, including the nerve cells in our vulva.


    How does the YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer improve Sexual Function and sensations?

    Increase sensitivity and sexual sensations – whether it is from childbirth, menopause, or the natural aging process, regaining your vaginal sensitivities is possible by using the Yoniflex.  The reason is the stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles will increase the blood flow to all of your intimate areas and this increased blood flow will lead to increased sensitivities and pleasures. 

    Furthermore, increasing your bodies blood flow to a particular area of the body has shown to help your body repair and regenerate cells, helping your body heal itself.

    Stronger muscles – Stronger pelvic floor muscles will give you increased pleasure in the bedroom.   You will have improved vaginal control with stronger pelvic floor muscles which will increase your confidence and self esteem when things get hot. 

    Tighter Vagina – Many women who have had children are concerned about the ‘tightness’ of their vagina.  You may be worried that it is just not the same as it once was after childbirth.  Using the YoniFlex can help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and stronger muscles equal a tighter internal grip.  Using our YoniFlex on the “sexual intimacy’ (*Setting #8)  setting every day for 12 weeks has shown impressive results in improving the strength and tight sensations of the vagina. 

    Better Orgasms - Here's the thing ladies.  I can personally attest to this one.  Since using my YoniFlex my orgasms have become much more intense, and quicker.  While there have been no clinical studies specific to the orgasm using the YoniFlex, I have heard from several women with the same results as me.  It just makes sense that more bloodflow to the nerves and muscles in your vulva will increase the power of your orgasms.  A nice little bonus, don't you think?

    Reduction of incontinence and prolapse issues – The YoniFlex can improve many different levels of female incontinence as well as reduce vaginal prolapse.  Incontinence and prolapse conditions can lead to embarrassment and shame, greatly reducing sexual intimacy.  Your bedroom confidence will be much higher from improved bladder control and reduced prolapse. 

    As we all know, the intimacy of women starts right between our ears!  Read more about the YoniFlex and urinary Incontinence In women, or our information on Understanding Pelvic floor prolapse in Women.

    If you are looking to improve your sex life, and improve your mental well being in the bedroom, we suggest giving our YoniFlex a go

    If you are Experiencing reduced sexual sensations,  ,

    Give our YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer a Try!  

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