Nora Probe - Vaginal
Nora Probe - Vaginal
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Nora Probe - Vaginal

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The Nora Vaginal Probe:

The Nora probe is a very popular vaginal probe.  Relatively thin at just 28mm (1.1 inches) at its largest width, the 'mushroom' shape with a thicker top and tapering bottom helps to keep it in its place during operation.  Dual 360 degree electrodes provide full stimulation across the pelvic floor, ensuring a quality pelvic floor contraction each time.


Notes about the Nora Vaginal Probe:

  • The base stopper ensures the probe will maintain its position during use
  • Dual electrodes on both sides of the probe ensure adequate stimulation
  • Tapering size helps maintain position during use
  • Small length will help those who prefer less deep penetration

 Instructions for Use:

  1.  Clean your Nora probe using warm soapy water and rinse well
  2. Attach your Nora probe to your YoniFlex Trainer
  3. Add your preferred water based lubricant to the probe ensuring full coverage of the electrodes
  4. Get yourself in a comfortable position I prefer lying propped up on my bed with pillows in support
  5. Insert the Nora probe. 
  6. Start your YoniFlex on your preferred program
  7. Once your program is finished, clean your Nora probe with warm soapy water and leave to air dry


More information on the Nora Probe:


  • Lightweight and easy to insert
  • Smooth single body manufacturing process eliminates edges from molding
  • Large opposite facing dual electrodes  ensure complete stimulation
  • No question asked 30 day full replacement warranty
  • Easy to clean 
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