How it all began - The YoniFlex concept


I am, and always have been an entrepreneur at heart.

Over the course of my life I have only had a handful of 'real' jobs.  I have always shunned the idea of having a boss, and having to do things on a specific schedule that someone else decides.  I think this is why the idea of creating a business has always been a draw to me over the years.

I have started and failed at more businesses then I can even remember.  I started a website design business back in the early 2000's, a satellite business with some success a few years later, I operated a poker portal back in the boom of internet poker, and more then a dozen other business ideas that had varying degrees of success.  

When I stumbled upon the idea of YoniFlex, it was - to be honest - a bit of an accident.  I was searching for a product or service that spoke to me and I could relate to, and one that offered a product that was needed.

Yoniflex met a personal need of mine and I immediately saw the potential.  I really believe in the power of pelvic floor exercise, and the process of automating it through a pelvic floor excerciser really resinated with me.

I have two beautiful children, and as many middle aged women can attest, the process of childbirth, menopuse, and simply aging can really wreck havoic on the muscles of your pevlic floor.  

Up until the momemnt I found the YoniFlex pelvic floor excerciser, I had pretty much accepted my fate that I w